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“In this book I will teach you how you can better financially manage your business so that you have more money in your pocket to fund the lifestyle you want.”

Tony Dimitriadis

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Tony Dimitriadis B.Bus CPA

Tony Dimitriadis B.Bus CPA


Tony has 33 years’ experience as an accountant, and 13 years’ experience as a CPA.
His first 18 years’ experience involved financial, management and operational accounting roles at a senior management level, in the security, transport, and forensic accounting industries

David Azzopardi B.Bus CPA

David Azzopardi B.Bus CPA


David has 33 years’ experience as an accountant, and 23 years’ experience as a CPA.
His first 17 years’ experience involved financial, commercial and operational accounting roles at a senior management level, in the general insurance, and telecommunications industries.

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I have been a client of Tony’s firm, AD Partners, for many years and the tools and insights that he shares in his book have helped me enormously in my building and property development business. Not only does he make it simple and easy to understand financial management, he and his team continuously support me to ensure I have a successful business.
Darren McInnes Mcinnes Home
Most Accountants I meet around the world are general in nature. They are trying to be all things to all people. What I like about Tony is he is extremely focused on the building sector. By being this focused he can go deep on methodology, advise based on what other clients have done and add tremendous value to his clients. This book is an example of his focus.All builders should buy this book and listen to Tony’s advice
Rob NixonEntrepreneur, Author and global expert on Accounting firms

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