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Question #3 – “What will they get out of it & where will it take them?” on Tony’s New Book “Build-it and The Money Will Come”

What will I get out of it? Well, builders and property developers will get the financial intel they need to able to build their financially-rewarding, tax-efficient, lifestyle business that will have the financial toolkit that they need to better financially manage their business so they can grow. Though we’re given

Planning For Tomorrow, Today

When it comes to retirement planning, the biggest asset you have is time. What most people lack is a solid plan to get you to where you want to be. The closer you get to retirement age, the more critical it is to stop thinking and start doing. Getting retirement

Can you avoid the GST pitfalls?

Many of the pitfalls that you could be faced with as the property developer can be avoided by asking some key what, who, how and why questions in the early stages. Many of these pitfalls begin with the acquisition and in particular the contract of purchase. Things like: Is the