6 tips to survive and thrive in 2020

6 tips to survive and thrive in 2020

  Here are 6 tips to help in a crisis…

#1     Conserve cash wherever possible (sorry for stating the obvious).

#2     If you haven’t already, now is the time to prepare and review your cashflow forecast.  For some, inflows may be scarce, so critically analyse the outflows.

#3    ‘Hoping’ things will turn out is not an option for business owners.  Start looking for new opportunities now – We can help here.


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#4    Digital advertising is far more accessible than ever  – stay on the front foot with your product or service to establish or maintain your brand.

#5    Email list – Now is the best time to communicate with your clients, so if you haven’t formed a strategy around this, you really should – Again we can help.

#6    Stay positive and healthy – it’s the things we forget to do that are the most important.

Stay safe

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