PEOPLE are great…

People are great…when you have the right ones around you as support, but not so when you don’t.

With them, you can achieve so much, without them, you run out of power or battery, just like your favoured trusty drill. When you are working on a job in your building and/or development, I am sure that you get the right specialists for the particular parts of the job that are outside of your specific expertise or even if you have the expertise, you want to have someone else do that particular part so you can concentrate on something else.

Well, it should be no different when it comes to the financial management of your business. If you do not have the expertise, then you need someone that does.

Do you truly understand financial reporting? Do you understand the difference between cash and profit? Do you understand the difference between income and capital? Do you understand return on investment? Do you understand tax law and compliance? Are you planning and budgeting? Are you managing your cash flow?

I apologise if that seemed a little heavy but I do not apologise for the need to know all of the above and a whole lot more I haven’t mentioned. The reality is you need a high level of financial intel to be able to be successful in business today and likely even more so in the future.

If I personally need or want something done that involves building and property development, I will go and find the right person or people to help. Someone just like you.

If you need or want something done that involves anything financial with your business, will you go and find the right person or people to help? Maybe someone like me.

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Tony Dimitriadis
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