Coaching and mentoring For ambitious business owners

Coaching and mentoring For ambitious business owners

Business Coaching

A business coach will support and guide you, the business owner, in running your business. We will help support you (as your coach) in the following ways;

Strategic planning is a powerful tool to help you simplify the strategic planning process, getting your vision out of your head and onto paper by answering the right questions to crystallize where your business is going and how you will get there.

Business owners often have an uneasy feeling about how their business is really doing.  The data lets you have an accurate pulse of your business and gives you the ability to predict future results.

Everyone doing things their own way and it can lead to chaos.  To create a well-oiled machine that functions with consistency, efficiency, and greater profitability, you must systemize your buisness. Our process provides a simple approach to doing just that.

Meetings that don’t resolve problems are a waste of time.  The right meeting agenda incorporates what makes for great meetings, forcing you to look at and address what is most important, solving your issues as they arise.

Most businesses spend the majority of their time discussing issues, rarely solving anything.  problems linger for days, weeks, months – even years.  The key is a discipline that will enable you to solve problems quickly in order of priority.

Evaluating people is a difficult and subjective task.  You must be able to clearly identify if someone fits in your culture and is fulling the right role

Business Mentoring

A Mentor is someone you look to in order to help guide you through the key business and life decisions you make.  They will not be as prescriptive as a coach but no less important and some would say, more so.

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