Why would I do this?

One of the most important aspects of running a business is to ensure you have adequate cash flow to meet all of your financial obligations.

Cash is the lifeblood of your business and ensures you stay afloat.

Simply, making more money will not solve your problems if cash flow management is the problem. So it’s important to establish strategies to make sure that you have enough cash in the business to operate on a day-to-day basis without facing any sort of cash crisis.

You need money to pay your suppliers or they will stop supplying.

You need money to pay your workers or they will stop working.

It helps you see whether there are problems with customer/client payments.

It helps you budget more effectively so you know what is required to meet your goals.

It will give you a clearer picture about whether you need to consider financing options.

It will likely be required when applying for finance with your bank.

Who is this for?

Cash flow forecasts are an essential tool for for ALL businesses and business owners.

Irrespective of your cash position, there are always areas you can improve, not matter how big or small the improvement may be.

Unfortunately, most business owners tend to focus on profits rather than cash flow, and this is where most cash flow problems begin. If you are producing a profit but have no money in the bank, then this is most definitely for you.

You need to stay ahead of the cash game.

Cash is needed to continually invest in your business to achieve your goals.

Cash will also give you the lifestyle you want and if you have mastered your cash flow management, you will end up with that level of cash to adequately fund that lifestyle.