How do I Save Tax?

As an accountant, I get this question quite a lot – “How do I save tax?”

Luckily for me, I have the answers.

What I would love to be able to do is give you all the answers right here and now, however, the reality is that it can vary from one business to another and even from one business owner to another.

The first thing I would say is that you must have the right STRUCTURE for your business and for your particular circumstances.

This is the 2nd step to the 5 secrets to a successful building and property development business.

Take a quick look here,

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Where Would You be in Your Business Without a Strategy?

In Building and Property Development, timing is critical. Some would say, it’s everything. I don’t want to make grandiose comments because the reality is, it is different for everyone. What is the same, however, is the need to do the right thing at the right time.

So, how do you do this?

Answer: PLAN aka STRATEGY.

Without a plan, you’re just going off “gut feel” and whilst you may be good at what you do, it is always best to minimise the possibility of being caught unaware.

This is the first step in my 5-step process of how to master the 5 secrets of a successful building and property development business.


Take a quick look at how a strategy can really help your business grow – I’ve outlined it here:

What do you think? What if you had a strategy that really worked and pulled everything together, reducing your stress and increasing your turnover and profits, so you can enjoy your business and your life?

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To your business.