AD Partners Cashflow Challenge Video #2: Why is Cashflow Management Important?

I’m Tony Dimitriadis from AD Partners, Author of “Build it and the Money Will Come” and I’m here to show you
how to get control of your cash flow with our cash flow challenge.

So firstly I want to thank you for registering for the AD Partners business cash flow challenge. So, why is this important? Well, as you know the most important aspect of running a business is to ensure you have enough cash flow to meet all of your financial obligations. Cash flow is the lifeblood of your business and it ensures that you stay afloat. Simply making more money will not resolve cash flow problems if cash flow management is the problem, to begin with.

So it’s important we establish some strategies to make sure you have enough cash in your business to operate on a day to day basis without facing any cash crisis. You need money to pay your suppliers or they’ll stop supplying. You need money to pay your workers or they’ll stop working

Cash flow will help you see whether there are problems with your customers’ payments. it’ll help you budget more effectively so you know what’s required to meet your goals. It will give you a clearer picture about whether or not you need some financing options and of course making applications to the bank are important.

Tony Dimitriadis