AD Partners Cashflow Challenge Video #2: Why is Cashflow Management Important?

I’m Tony Dimitriadis from AD Partners, Author of “Build it and the Money Will Come” and I’m here to show you how to get control of your cash flow with our cash flow challenge. So firstly I want to thank you for registering for the AD Partners business cash flow

AD Partners Cashflow Challenge Video #1: Do You Really Know How to Manage Your Cashflow?

Do you really know how to manage your cash flow? are you short of cash or just not sure when the next dollars coming in? One of the most important aspects of running a business is to ensure that you have enough cash to make all of your financial obligations.

Question #5 – “What should you do after you read it?” on Tony’s New Book “Build-it and The Money Will Come”

What do you do after reading the book?  Well you got two choices: Learn all these financial secrets and do it yourself. Engage the right support team to help you incorporate these 5  things into your business to achieve your goals. Option #1 “Doing it yourself” can be very challenging

Question #4 – “What does the book talk about?” on Tony’s New Book “Build-it and The Money Will Come”

What does the book talk about? Well, the book talks about mastering the 5 key secrets to building a successful, property-developing business. These 5 key areas are: Strategy. Knowing where you are now, where you wanna get to, and how you will achieve that. Structure. Having the right structure that

Question #3 – “What will they get out of it & where will it take them?” on Tony’s New Book “Build-it and The Money Will Come”

What will I get out of it? Well, builders and property developers will get the financial intel they need to able to build their financially-rewarding, tax-efficient, lifestyle business that will have the financial toolkit that they need to better financially manage their business so they can grow. Though we’re given

Question #2 – “Who’s it for?” on Tony’s New Book “Build-it and The Money Will Come”

Who is it for? Well it’s specifically written for ambitious builders and property developers who both need and want the help to eliminate those 3 big problems. To know how to eliminate these problems is what they need to focus on. These builders and property developers work hard, but hard

Question #1 – “Why did you write the book?” on Tony’s New Book “Build-it and The Money Will Come”

Why did you write the book? Well I wrote this in the frustration of seeing business owners suffer from the 3 major problems that stopped them from making their money that they deserve for all of the hard work they put in. These 3 key problems are: The lack of

Why It’s Time For You & Your Business To Get On And Build-It!

In an open interview, Tony Dimitriadis, CPA, & Director of AD Partners Accounting Practice in Melbourne Australia, talks about his new book on developing a proper business financial strategy, “Build-it and The Money Will Come”. Focused on companies in the building & property development industry, it is a detailed look

Planning For Tomorrow, Today

When it comes to retirement planning, the biggest asset you have is time. What most people lack is a solid plan to get you to where you want to be. The closer you get to retirement age, the more critical it is to stop thinking and start doing. Getting retirement

Is it time you considered the structure of your business?

The ATO’s Small Business Restructure Rollover gives you flexibility, as an owner of a small business entity, to restructure your businesses and the way your business assets are held while disregarding tax gains and losses that would otherwise arise. There is a range of small business rollovers already available where