3 important questions to ask your accountant

There are many questions that you might like to ask your accountant and you should be encouraged to do so. There are 3 important questions to ask so as to determine that you have the right accountant to suit your requirements. They are as follows: How well do you understand

Managing your cashflow is critical

One of the most important aspects of running a business is to ensure you have adequate cash flow to meet all of your financial obligations. Cash is the lifeblood of your business and ensures you stay afloat. Once you are securely afloat, you can then sail towards your destination. (Maybe

PEOPLE are great…

People are great…when you have the right ones around you as support, but not so when you don’t. With them, you can achieve so much, without them, you run out of power or battery, just like your favoured trusty drill. When you are working on a job in your building

TIME can be a beautiful thing…

Time can be a beautiful thing…when we have it, but not so good when we don’t. With it, you can do so much, without it, you feel like you’re suffocating and you can’t breathe. You need time in your building and property development business to be able to find your

MONEY can be a beautiful thing…

Money can be a beautiful thing and at the same time it can be a nightmare. With it, you can do so much, without it, you feel helpless. You need money in your building and property development business to be able to acquire land and property. To be able to

Introducing Miriam Sandkuhler from Property Mavens

AD Partners is excited to announce its new partnership with Miriam Sandkuhler from Property Mavens. Miriam joins us as an Accredited Property Investment Advisor and Licensed Buyers Agent with over 20 years industry experience. Together we will work closely to provide our clients with independent and unbiased property advice, enabling

How often should you speak to your Accountant?

Your answer: 1. Once a year when I lodge my tax return – WRONG 2. When I have a problem with the ATO – WRONG 3. When I need some advice – CORRECT So, let’s elaborate of this issue of needing advice. When do you need it? That will depend

Introducing AD Lending

It is with great pleasure that we introduce AD Lending, the newest addition to our group of companies. AD Lending has been established specifically to provide you, our client, with all your personal and business lending requirements both now and in the future. We have assembled a highly talented team

Can you effectively manage the entire business on your own?

One of the single biggest mistakes business owners make is that they try and do everything themselves. The reality is, you can’t. At the very least, you shouldn’t. So, what do you need? Support. Who can help? Your own personal chief financial officer (CFO). What do you do if you

Do you have (the right) systems in place to help you manage your business?

Good financial systems need to be in place to help you manage your business. They will assist in monitoring your financial situation as you move towards your goals, they will ensure you have enough money in the bank to meet your expenses, and will keep you on top of your