The Super Guarantee Charge


If you do not pay an employee’s minimum superannuation guarantee amount on time and to the right fund, you must pay the superannuation guarantee charge (SGC). You must also lodge an SGC statement to the ATO.

The SGC is more than the super you would have otherwise paid to the employee’s fund and is not tax deductible.

SGC payment and lodgement dates

The due date for payment of the SGC and lodging the statement is one calendar month after the super guarantee due date.

Quarter Super guarantee payment due date Super guarantee charge and statement due date
1 July – 30 September 28 October 28 November
1 October – 31 December 28 January 28 February
1 January – 31 March 28 April 28 May
1 April – 30 June 28 July 28 August

For due dates that fall on a weekend or public holiday, you can make the payment and lodge the SGC statement on the next business day.

Working out the SGC

If you miss making a super guarantee payment on time and to the right fund, you meet legal obligations by lodging an SGC statement by the due date and paying the SGC to the ATO.

The superannuation guarantee charge is made up of:

  1. The super guarantee shortfall, made up of:
    1. a. super calculated on salary and wages (including any overtime)

      b. any choice liability, based on the shortfall and capped at $500

  1. nominal interest of 10% per annum (accrues from the start of the relevant quarter)
  2. an administration fee of $20 per employee, per quarter.

The easiest option to work out the SGC is to use the Super guarantee charge (SGC) statement (XLS, 745KB)This link will download a file.

There are 3 ways to lodge your SGC statement:

  1. Use the SGC calculator in Online services for business or Online services for individuals. The statement will also calculate your liability.
  2. Complete the SGC statement spreadsheet and lodge using Online services for business or Online services for individuals.
  3. Use the super guarantee charge statement and calculator tool to generate a PDF version of your statement. You can print this and mail it to us. Note: We don’t recommend this option as there is a higher chance for mistakes and takes much longer to process.

Alternatively, you can contact us when you have not met your superannuation payment obligations and we can prepare the SGC statement for you.

Either way, it is a legal requirement to have this process completed.

Should you have any questions regarding SGC or any other payroll or business issue, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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